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Real estate, being a capital intensive industry, irrespective of bear or bull cycles, financial capital, asset liquidity and asset inventory management is the crucial aspect of RE company sustainability.

We at 22light understand the need of developers and have customized solutions to cater capital solutions. We facilitate your financial need so you can focus on the development business.

Developer reputation, integrity, experience & competence is prime importance in all service engagements to safeguard our investors investment and real value return on investment.

Indian developers encash on the network among India and international financiers

Our Target Markets - Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune

Developers Corporate and Project Financing Solutions

Analysis Project Economic, assess optimal capital structure => debt/equity ratio; ensure execution capability

SERVICE AIM : flexible, affordable property development funding
TENURE : Min 6 months to max 5 years
STRUCTURE OF INVESTMENT : Mezzaine debt, recapitalization, preferred equity, debt
DELIVER : Capital at interest 13% p.a. Upwards depends on developer & project creditability

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Bulk Inventory Sales Advisory

Deliver cash liquidity in the shortest span of real time for offloading bulk inventory Project must be sustainable economic & environment sustainability

Enforce sensitive data security protocol, draft valuations, execute secret listing, negotations, close deal
DEAL TIMELINE : 20 working day deal
DELIVER : one time payment for all stock purchased

Bulk Inventory Lease Advisory

Deliver longterm cash flow in the shortest span of real time by leasing to reputed tenants mix making asset investment friendly for reit.

Approach : understand economic expectation, analyse location, determine fair valuations, understand potential suited tent mix, connect with existing corporate database and/or new corporate, close deal
DELIVER : maximum economic returns & longterm contracts

Development Project Advisory

Conduct Deliver Project Analysis to determine project sustainability in environmental, socio economic and government norms
- Project analysis to determine project economic & environment sustainability
- Local & global project marketing
APPROACH : Identification, Valuation, Project Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Project Marketing and Branding, Mandate for Corporate Communications
SERVICE AIM : Provide creative solutions delivering balance in project development environment sustainablity maximising economic returns
DEAL TIMELINE : 6 months from engagement

Redevelopment Project Solutions

SERVICE AIM :Identify rewarding land redevelopment project complementing developers company growth focus & strength

SERVICES : Project analysis to determine project economic & environment sustainability

APPROACH : Identification, valuation, project analysis, feasibility studies, negotiation, close deal

Our Core Services

  • Property Clear Title Research & Development
  • Property Market Cycle Analysis
  • Property Valuation
  • Location Analysis
  • Project Modelling & Branding
  • Project Management
  • Arbitrations & Auction Management
  • Negotiations & Deal Closure Management
  • Acquisitions/JV/Disposals
  • Sustainable Development
  • Lease Management
  • Township Analysis
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Portfolio occupational cost analysis

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