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About Us

22LIGHT is "India’s Real-estate Investor Intelligence Support Enterprise" to address all the investment risk factors in a developing economy in the unorganized Indian real estate sector by using a structured approach to deliver smart investment decision options accompanied with attractive risk adjusted returns.

Our Investment Objectives

Balance - Safety, Liquidity & Returns.

22LIGHT offers the integrated advisory and support services to help our clients have competitive advantage and realize optimal value from their transactions.

We provide a full cross section of investment, development funding and financial advice with specialist sector specific knowledge who have the proven ability to help clients to optimize returns and minimize risk.


To create lasting value for our investors by delivering creative corporate real estate solutions based on trust, uncompromising integrity, financial discipline and re market expertise to deliver investment balance of safety liquiduty and returns.


To create an enterprise that puts indian real estate as a world class investment , delivering transparency, ethical standards and financial safety, liquidity and returns demand by global financial investment funds delivering long-term returns to stakeholders through the better use of technology and analytics.


  • + 17years of Indian Real Estate Valuation, Acquisitions and Sales as DIRECTOR in Kohli Builders Pvt Ltd.
  • Sectors: Mixed Use Developments, Malls, Casinos, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial, Residential, Logistics & Warehousing, Schools and Colleges, Retail etc.


Property Law # special reference to domestic Legislation, Complex & Critical Business Situation, Brand Management, Financial Know-how, Technical Know-how, Accounting


  • Master in Business Systems, Monash University, Australia.
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Mumbai, India.
  • Certified : SAP R/3, Oracle DBA, Oracle 8i.
  • Special Courses: Ecommerce Security, Decision Support Systems, Advance database Management, Virginia Tech, USA.

As market grow, contract & fluctuate intelligent Real Estate decisions depend on accurate insights on property valuations & supporting economic drivers. Real Estate being a capital incentive investment, the price right at entering the market determines your investment returns.

- Baljit S. Kolhi (CEO)

Our Core Services

  • Property Clear Title Research & Development
  • Property Market Cycle Analysis
  • Property Valuation
  • Location Analysis
  • Project Modelling & Branding
  • Project Management
  • Arbitrations & Auction Management
  • Negotiations & Deal Closure Management
  • Acquisitions/JV/Disposals
  • Sustainable Development
  • Lease Management
  • Township Analysis
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Portfolio occupational cost analysis

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